Meet Our Staff

Whatever you need, we are here to help!  Gina is available at our desk daily to answer your questions, take payments, handle enrollments, class changes, private lesson scheduling and more! She is full time mom and Krav Maga self defense instructor offering classes at the Extreme Gym!  We cannot wait to meet you! Schedule a tour and a free class today!

Gina Gallant


Kylee Haygood

All-Star Novice Director

Recreational Program Director

Coach Kylee Haygood is a graduate of Winder Barrow High School! She is coaching her fifth year at Extreme and works with a variety of classes and the Legend All-Star teams. You will see her in the gym daily working with tumbling classes and cheerleading teams. She has obtained passing certificates for meeting the written USASF knowledge and safety standards for levels 1 through 5 for all-star cheerleading and is a USASF green light and sport safety certified and CPR/First Aid certified. She also will be taking over the leadership and direction of the Legend All-Star Sparkles Special Abilities cheer team in 2019!

Coach Kylee currently attend UNG and is a special education major! She teaches all of her students "YES I CAN!" 

Abbie Bamford

Recrational Tumble Coach

All-Star Assistant Coach

Coach Abbie has been involved with cheerleading all of her life! She competed for Archer High School while also cheering spirit and competing All-Stars! She works directly with our recreational tumbling classes and enjoys watching students meet their skill goals while having fun! She attends college full time, and enjoys spending free time with family and friends! She is sport safety certified, and CPR/first aid certifed.  Come try a class with Abbie she says, "I got you!"

Boys Class Coach

Coming Soon

Coming Soon!

Katie Gallant

Recreational Tumble Coach  

T&T Team Assistant

Coach Katie is a Mountain View graduate, who now enjoys coaching and running her own pet sitting business! Katie has been involved with gymnastics and power tumbling since the age of 3, starting in parent and tot class! She made the move from gymnastics to power tumbling to advance her tumbling skills. She soon discovered All-Star Cheerleading, making her first Legend All-Star team at 11 years old and cheering until she aged out of the Senior division at 18. Katie kept up with her vigorous sports schedules competing in power tumbling and cheerleading at The Extreme Gym and her senior year, she also took a spot on her high school competitive team! Now, she has also expanded her athletic knowledge to include Krav Maga where she holds a black belt and and instructor certification.

We are glad Katie has returned home to the Extreme Gym to share her passion of tumbling and overall fitness with our Extreme kids! You will see Coach Katie assisting with classes and Power Tumbling team as her motto is: "Floor is my favorite!"

AJ Lumpkin

Preschool Tumble Coach

Team Assistant

Coach AJ is great with our little tumblers and couples fun learning techniques with skill mastery! A graduate of  Apalachee High School, Coach AJ is ready to continue her education in the field of drama and acting. Her students enjoy her theatrics and energy each class!

You will see Coach AJ teaching a variety of classes from Parent and Tot tumbling to trampoline and adult classes! Come on over and tumble with AJ!

She is sport safety certified, and CPR/first aid certified. 

Hunter Emmons

AllStar Coach & Stunt/Tumble Coach

Hunter is a veteran Legend cheerleader who went on to cheer his freshman and sophomore year at UGA. Taking time to coach and focus on graduation, he is now a Senior majoring in wealth management and has returned back to The Extreme Gym for a season of allstars, class coaching and stunt classes. He works with school teams of all levels, and enjoys coaching at the high school event Dream Quest each year. Hunter is a member in good standing with USASF passing the written certifications and is green lighted for competition coaching, in addition he carries safety certifications and CPR. He is available for private lessons and semi group lessons as well! We will see you in stunt class!!

Annagail Grant


Coach Annagail is a two time World Champion Cheerleader with the California AllStars. She has enjoyed cheerleading on Stingray Rust and for Kennesaw State University. Annagail made the move back to KSU this fall and leads team Ricochet this season at the Extreme Gym!  Her heart beats in eight counts and she is excited to share her knowledge of everything cheer with our Extreme students and the Legend All-Star team with her innovative choreography! Annagail is a member in good standing with USASF for All-Star Coaches, sport safety certified and CPR certified.

Emily Hester

Class Coach 

With an extensive background in dance and acrobatics, Coach Emily joins The Extreme Gym to share her love of tumbling and movement with classes of all ages and abilities! Her favorite skill?? Side aerials! You will see Emily float through the air in her beautiful side aerial as she enjoys teaching, and demonstrating this skill to her classes!

Emily is a Winder Barrow graduate and currently attends UNG in pursuit of a teaching degree! She enjoys teaching children of all ages with an energetic spirit and passion for learning! 

Michael Lyles

Boys Class Coach 

Class Coach 

Before becoming "Coach Michael", he started at the Extreme Gym when he was just a kid, taking classes and learning all that he could! A graduate of Archer High School, he has returned to tumbling and now coaching, sharing his knowledge of tumbling, trampoline and parkour techniques with the boys in class! From relay races, to push up contests, obstacle course challenges and making it up the warp wall, Coach Michael is all about making it fun and just a bit competitive for our Extreme Guys!! His motto: "I will see you at the TOP!"

Kayla Pettite

Recreational Tumbling Coach

Novice AllStar Assistant

A soon to be graduate of Commerce High School, Kayla plans to attend Brenau University where she will continue her cheer career! Kayla has been cheerleading since she could walk! She has had the opportunity to cheer for numerous All-Star teams, making it to Worlds four times! We are glad to have Coach Kayla working with our young tumblers and cheerleaders to inspire and lead them on their journey! Whether your athlete has goals of making their middle school squad or an All-Star team, Coach Kayla is ready to help achieve that goal! You will see her on the floor teaching tumbling and flyer classes, assisting with teams and greeting families at the front desk! Her competitive spirit drives her to be the best she can be and she shares that motto by teaching "whatever you strive to do, be the best in the room!"

We can't wait to see you in the gym!