Some Create Trends, We Create LEGENDS!

We pride ourselves on teaching children progression! Our goal is to have your athlete progress in skill level in order to move up within our program. At all cheerleading and tumblinglevels, we strive to continually build the nexessary foundations with the expectation to move forward! Our goal is to teach our athletes to set individual goals, help them acquire these goals while learning to be top performers through hard work and determination. Many of our competitive allstar cheerleaders and power tumblers began with us in classes and exibited the dedication it takes to make our competition teams, and four of them are now on our staff!


Below are some of our success stories! #raisinglegendsforlife

Now a coach for Extreme Tumbling, Jonathan Rodriguez was once just a student in classes! He began tumbling to prepare for his high school try outs. Upon making the team, he remained dedicated to his training and was in the gym daily. He tried out for allstars and made a level 4 team his first season! He remained cheering all-stars and again for his school as a Senior, when they won the co-ed state title! The same year, his Sr. 4 Legend All-Star team won Grand Nationals in Myrtle Beach, SC! Upon finishing high school, he continued cheering all-stars and progressed to level 5 where he cheered on the Legend IOC5 team for two seasons! Coach Jonathan now teaches classes and teams of all levels as well as competes on the Legend Power Tumbling team striving for his elite status in 2018!