We are delighted you have chosen the Legend All-Stars to meet the needs of your cheerleader! Our competitive coaching staff is working hard to ensure your family has a wonderful competitive experience! We pride ourselves on teaching all skill level abilities in a fun, high energy learning environment! One thing our families love is how close our teams become throughout the season Click on a button below to view our try out information!

Interested in trying out for our 2021-2022 Half Year Competitive Season? A Legendary competitive experience with a 6 month commitment. Please review our 2021-2022 Legend Half Year All-Star Team info and submit your information to try out!

Our 2021-2022 Legend All-Star Elite Full Season Teams are full. Our Information packet, rules handbook and full season commitment forms are available to view here, just click the link! Season 2022-2023 Information will be available March 22

Legend Teams

We offer full and half season teams! Full season teams, ELITE Teams, practice and compete on a 12 month commitment and half season teams practice and compete on a 6 month commitment either during our Fall session!

We offer Novice, Prep and Elite team divisions for all skill levels. Novice teams perform skills and are judged but are not ranked against other teams with the same abilities. Novice teams receive a ranking (Superior, Excellent) based on how they meet the routine requirements. Prep teams have similar requirements and are scored against competitors of the same age and level. Novice and Prep teams offer an inexpensive way to perform competition skills, gain experience and have fun in competitive cheer.

Elite teams are the most competitive teams where athletes are judged as a team and are ranked against their competitors. Elite teams require athletes to uphold the highest level of commitment standards, maintain a high standard of fitness abilities, and a yearly financial commitment. Elite teams are eligible for bids to Nationals, Summit and Worlds events.

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Legend Events

Legend AllStar teams compete at a variety of USASF sanctioned events in the Atlanta area! We offer our families Varsity, Victory and Deep South competitive event experiences. Typically 4 or 5 local events are scheduled and one travel event!

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We are a Division 2 (D2) Gym!

What exactly does D2 mean? D2 simply delineates size of gym.  Reserved for gyms that hold 125 competitive athletes or less and have one physical location, D2 groups gyms of similar size to maximize fair competition. 

You want to know," does it make a big difference whether I enroll my child in a D1 or a D2 gym?" To answer that, we will focus on the experience you will have within the

Legend All-Stars program!

We truly believe in raising Legends! We focus on  developing the athlete, the team and the gym-ensuring success within all programs as athlete numbers are kept lower purposefully, to increase all athletes learning time and therefore maximizing potential for skill mastery. Every team member is vital to the teams success and athletes are taught a variety of skills to become a versatile cheerleader. We keep our teams small, allowing for all athletes to receive hands on training and coaches attention to detail to ensure athlete progression and success.  We believe every athlete has their moment to shine on small teams, instead of becoming lost on the floor among 22 other teammates. Often on larger teams you have athletes that "just stunt" or "just tumble" and those athletes have longer periods of downtime in routines. We pride ourselves on developing an "all around cheerleader", an athlete that can perform every element required within a 2:30 length elite routine including standing and running tumbling, jump sequences, motions, transitional elements, stunts, and dance!

Our teams have received prestigious bids to end of season events, our gym becomes home away from home for many athletes and our coaches, athletes and parents become family as we work together to grow Legendary young people through the sport of competitive cheer!